The cost is $200.00 per hunter. The minimum hunt is $600.00,($200.00 per limit) 1 to 3 hunters (week days) which would guarantee you three limits of birds and $800 for Saturdays, 1 to 4 hunters and guarantee you 4 limits. One limit of pheasants is 4, one limit of chukar is 6, one limit of quail is 8. You would get any combination of these birds, or all of one kind. These are minimum limits, there is no maximum limit. You can shoot as many as you want to pay for. Each pheasant over the min. limit would cost $38.00, each chukar is $26.00, and each quail $16.00.

Group rates

Any hunts of $2,000 or more, each pheasant is $35, chukar $25.00, quail $15.

We do clean the birds if you want us too, the cost is $16.00 per first limit. Sales tax, 9.25% on all hunts and cleaning.

3% charge for using credit card 

What we need to know to plan your hunt

  1. Name, date, and time, AM , PM
  2. Phone number
  3. Number of hunters
  4. What kind of birds you want to hunt?
  5. Do you want to shoot over your min. limits? If so approx. how much over?
  6. Do you want us to clean your birds?
  7. Hunters must be 12 years old and every hunter under 18 must have had a hunter safety course
  8. Is walking a problem for any of your group or are there any special conditions?
  9. What is the level of hunting experience for your group?

**We do not recommend quail for inexperienced hunters and reserve the right to switch the kind of birds you are hunting. Pheasants are by far the best birds for inexperienced hunters.**

** We do guarantee all hunts and reserve the right to switch the kind of birds you wish to hunt if you are missing too many birds. **

Ask about our discount program.

Do Not Come To Meadow Brook Game Farm Intoxicated!!!
You Will Asked To Leave!!! Absolutely No Exceptions!!!

What we recommend for your hunt

  1. Everyone wear an orange cap, vest and safety glasses
  2. Be familiar with your gun, know where the safety is and how it works
  3. Shoot some clay targets or at least some still targets, before you come to hunt

Special notes regarding hunting with Meadow Brook

  • You do not need a hunting license.
  • We furnish the dogs, guide, plenty of birds and guarantee the hunt.
  • We are a member of the BBB.
  • We have been in business for over 60 years

Meadow Brook Game Farm – Our Guarantee

We guarantee all hunts when these guidelines are followed:

Guns: 12, 16, or 20 gauge – semi-automatics, pumps, or double barrels,– no single shots or guns with hammers.

Choke in barrel must be improved cylinder or open, choke, modified is acceptable for pheasant only.

Shot size: lead shot: pheasant and chukar 6 or heavy load 7 1/2,– quail light load 7 1/2 or 8 shot, shell length 2 3/4 inch lead shot, no steel shot.

Hunters must follow guide’s instruction. He will get you in position to get a good shot if you follow these instructions we will guarantee the hunt. You will only pay for the birds you shoot. Enjoy the Great Outdoors! You can contact Meadow Brook Game Farm by calling Richard Denning at 615-888-2411 for reservations or 615-633-7532 to reach his cell and for information.

Ask about our discount program.