Advice for Novice Bird Hunters

Bird Hunter in woods

It might sound funny, but, “Can you think like a bird?” If you can, that can be helpful if you’re a bird hunter. After all, if you can think like a bird, then you, as a hunter, will probably have a better idea of where birds go, what they do during the day, what attracts… Read more »

Pheasant Hunting Etiquette

Back of going hunter with killed pheasant in hunter’s hand

Meadow Brook Game Farm is a large shooting preserve in Tennessee known since the 1950s as a great place to hunt pheasants. If you’ve never hunted pheasants before, you might not know about pheasant hunting etiquette. That said, there are some things to learn before you’re hunting these beautiful creatures.  Group Etiquette If you’re going… Read more »

A Brief Guide for New Pheasant Hunters

Pheasant Hunters posing with trophies in Westmoreland, TN

Are you new to hunting? More specifically, are you new to pheasant hunting? The nice thing about pheasant hunting is that it doesn’t require much equipment, and it’s not too hard to figure out how to hunt these birds. Stay Quiet When You’re Near the Birds First things first: keep quiet. Pheasants can hear really… Read more »

Guided Pheasant Hunting Trips Create Lifetime Memories

Hunters posing with pheasants

Do you know any young people who spend way too much time on devices? Or maybe you’re someone who seems to always end up scrolling Facebook? Well, there’s something else you could be doing with your time– and their time– and that’s going on a guided pheasant hunting trip at Meadow Brook Game Farm. Guided… Read more »

Are Pheasants and Quail the Same?

Two pheasants standing on a branch

Most people know a little bit about birds but don’t know “too much” about them. That said, hunters often learn more about different birds specifically because they’re interested in hunting them. So it makes sense to know key differences between one’s prey, right? Plus, the more you know about certain birds and animals, the better… Read more »

A Checklist of the Things You Should Bring With You on a Pheasant Hunt

Pheasant Hunting

When hunters come to Meadow Brook Game Farm, they find a 1200-acre shooting preserve that has been in operation in Tennessee since the 1950s. Located about an hour north of Nashville, in Westmoreland, TN, Meadow Brook Game Farm is especially well-known for hunters looking to bag chukar, quail and pheasant. If you’re thinking of going… Read more »

Pheasant Cleaning and Preparation Tips from Your Favorite Hunting Preserve

Dog with pheasant in mouth

Nestled in the rolling hills of Tennessee, an hour north of Nashville, lies our renowned 1,200-acre shooting preserve. With an esteemed heritage dating back to the 1950s, we’ve had the honor of hosting hunting aficionados from all corners of the United States and from all walks of life. Our acres teem with pheasant, quail, and… Read more »

Planning a Group Outing to Meadow Brook Game Farm

Pheasant Hunters posing with trophies in Westmoreland, TN

Hunting can be a solitary pursuit, but it’s often more fun and interesting when done with a group. That said, who would you bring with you on a group outing to Meadow Brook Game Farm in Westmoreland, TN? Hunting in Westmoreland, TN Depending on how far away you live from Westmoreland, TN, you’d want to… Read more »

Quail Hunting is a Great American Tradition

Male hunter with a gun on his shoulder stands with a dog while quail hunting

When people think of a great American tradition, they probably think of eating apple pie or going to a baseball game. That said, there are other American traditions that have endured over multiple generations. One of those great traditions is quail hunting– something our ancestors did centuries ago and something young and old alike still… Read more »

Pheasants And Quail Are Not One in the Same

Two pheasants near each other in field

Aren’t pheasant and quail the same thing? A lot of people assume that to be true, but it isn’t. They are birds that differ in size, color, lifespan, diet, habitat, species and temperament. Differences If you were looking at both pheasants and quails, you’d see that quails are usually the smaller of the two. Meanwhile,… Read more »

Is Pheasant a Healthy Meat?

Crispy roasted pheasant with red cabbage , mushrooms, red currants and a sprig of fresh rosemary on an oval platter

At Meadow Brook Game Farm in Westmoreland, TN, hunters come from near and far to do pheasant and quail hunting on beautiful, rural land. When hunters go home with the quail they shot at Meadow Brook Game Farm, they can then freeze the meat and eat it over the course of several weeks or months…. Read more »

What is a Ring-Necked Pheasant?

Close up shot of male Ring Necked Pheasant

Ring-necked pheasants are birds that came to the U.S. from Asia back in the 1880s. They’ve since become one of our country’s most popular upland game birds, known for bursting into flight from brushy cover. They’re also seen in open fields and along weedy roadsides. Traits of Ring-Necked Pheasants Male ring-necked pheasants have iridescent copper/gold… Read more »