A Brief Guide for New Pheasant Hunters

Pheasant Hunters posing with trophies in Westmoreland, TN
Pheasant Hunters posing with trophies in Westmoreland, TN

Are you new to hunting? More specifically, are you new to pheasant hunting? The nice thing about pheasant hunting is that it doesn’t require much equipment, and it’s not too hard to figure out how to hunt these birds.

Don’t Scare the Birds

First things first: keep quiet. Pheasants can hear really well, so you don’t want to make much noise around them. You can talk quietly, but avoid making any loud noises such as door slams and such. Come up with some hand signals to use with fellow hunters so you can keep talking to a minimum.

Patience is Key

Next, don’t be impatient. Now that’s a tall order, because most new pheasant hunters love being impatient. They want to shoot birds and they want to shoot them NOW! That said, moving through cover too fast can make you miss birds. It’s best to walk slowly in a zigzag pattern, and stop every now and then. It’s when you’re paused that you might find the birds you’re looking for!

Know When And Where to Go!

When hunting pheasants, you’re most likely going to find them around the edges such as fence lines and ditches. Any place where habitat transitions from one to another typically offers good hunting opportunities.

Finally, though you may think you want to hunt them first thing in the morning, you might actually want to wait until the last hour of daylight. That’s when you’re likely to encounter pheasants moving out of heavy cover into more open roost sites.

If you’re new to pheasant hunting, why not go on a guided pheasant hunt? These types of hunts are offered at Meadow Brook Game Farm in rural Tennessee, north of Nashville and west of Knoxville in Westmoreland, TN. Call 615-888-2411 or email info@meadowbrookgamefarm.com to inquire about pheasant hunts at the farm. You can also visit this page for more info.

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