Pheasant Hunting Etiquette

Back of going hunter with killed pheasant in hunter’s hand
Back of going hunter with killed pheasant in hunter’s hand

Meadow Brook Game Farm is a large shooting preserve in Tennessee known since the 1950s as a great place to hunt pheasants.

If you’ve never hunted pheasants before, you might not know about pheasant hunting etiquette. That said, there are some things to learn before you’re hunting these beautiful creatures. 

Group Etiquette

If you’re going hunting with a group, it’s best to have a discussion beforehand to clarify what the group is comfortable with– for instance, will group members all agree not to take shots at any bird flying lower than the typical person’s head?

When the group is ready to go hunt, don’t be the person they’re all waiting around for– ugh, that’s bad! If you know you’re going to be late, call or text the leader to let them know they can go on ahead without you and you’ll catch up later. 

Cellphone Etiquette

If you bring your cellphone on your hunt, don’t be having a loud conversation with someone on it while the rest of the hunters value silence. Speaking of noises, don’t overdo it on the dog whistling and yelling– no one wants to be around a very noisy person all day. 

Prepare for the Day

Self-sufficiency is a good thing on a pheasant hunt. Don’t be the person who’s asking others for shells, water, food and other supplies. Pack what you need and a little extra, rather than relying on everyone else to meet your various needs. 

Do some research about pheasants before you hunt them. Familiarize yourself with key terms and ideas. Learn about their basic behaviors.

Finally, if you’ve had a chance to shoot at birds but others haven’t, be kind and place them in a position where they’re more likely to spot birds that are going to fly– let other hunters have at it before you do.  Good manners matter. When hunting pheasant or other animals, be courteous to other hunters and don’t purposely make trouble in a group situation. Remember, everyone can and should work together and enjoy themselves. 

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