Here’s Why You Should Consider a Spring Turkey Hunt in Westmoreland, TN

Turkey Hunting

When is the last time you went outside and enjoyed nature? If you can’t remember, that’s a problem! It means you’re not spending nearly enough time soaking up all that Mother Nature has to offer. Change that today by going turkey hunting. When you hunt for turkeys, you’ll reconnect with nature and enjoy the physical… Read more »

Mistakes to Avoid When Pheasant Hunting

Two pheasants near each other in field

Pheasant hunting can be a fun and rewarding experience. However, it can also be very frustrating if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing. Many pheasant hunters make critical mistakes when they’re out in the field, and those mistakes really come back to bite them. Check out some of the most common mistakes that you… Read more »

Common Pheasant Hunting Myths

Pheasant Hunting Myths

What are some of the most common pheasant hunting myths? Restoration of Wild Populations First, there’s the myth that stocking pheasants leads to the restoration of wild populations. Unfortunately, despite people’s best efforts, stocked pheasants just aren’t that great at maintaining self-sustaining populations. In the end, predators often kill stocked pheasants. They could be natural… Read more »

Life Lessons Gleaned From Pheasant Hunting

Pheasant Hunters posing with trophies in Westmoreland, TN

Pheasant hunting can teach you a whole lot of things about life. Whether you go hunting for pheasants all the time or only get the chance to do it every so often, you’ll gain a bunch of life lessons through your experiences. Here are some of the most valuable life lessons that can be learned… Read more »

What Gear Should You Have for Pheasant Hunting?

Pheasant Hunting Gear

Meadow Brook Game Farm is a 1200-acre shooting preserve located in Tennessee. Known for pheasant hunting, Meadow Brook has been in operation since the 1950s, and it attracts hunters from all over the USA, with some coming from even as far away as California. What kind of gear do hunters use when pheasant hunting at… Read more »

Which Things Should New Hunters Keep in Mind When Pheasant Hunting?

Pheasant Hunting

Meadow Brook Game Farm, located one hour north of Nashville, is one of Tennessee’s oldest and largest shooting preserves. Covering some 1,200 acres, it’s a great place for hunters to bag pheasant, chukar and quail. For those who’ve never hunted birds before, pheasant hunting is a great introduction to bird hunting. Thankfully, you don’t need… Read more »

Reasons to Take Your Child Pheasant Hunting

Guided Pheasant Hunting

There are many hunters who use pheasant hunting as a way to get a break from their jobs, families and their daily lives for a day or two. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with doing it. It’s good to spend some time with friends and family members outside of your immediate circle every now and… Read more »

How to Become a Better Bird Game Hunter

Bird Game Hunting

Do you want to improve your sharpshooting skills and become a better game bird hunter in the process? The key is to practice, practice, and then practice some more. The best game bird hunters spend a lot of time shooting their shotguns while practicing under actual hunting conditions. There are some other ways to improve… Read more »

How Dogs Are Trained For Pheasant Hunts

Dogs and Hunting Pheasants

There are some dogs born to hunt for pheasants. However, in order to get them to hone in on their natural skills and use them to the best of their ability, you need to train them from a young age to hunt. This will enhance their chances of becoming reliable hunters out in the field…. Read more »

Few Things Are More Memorable Than a Fishing Trip

Fishing Trips in Westmoreland, TN

Every year, about 50 million Americans take a fishing trip. Some go fishing in the ocean, while others go fishing in their local lakes and ponds. Regardless of where they do it, they choose to fish for a few reasons. Check out the best reasons to take a fishing trip below.   Fishing trips allow… Read more »

Why Fishing is a Great Team Building Activity

Fishing and Team Building

Fishing can be a great team building activity. People work together to figure out what gear to bring, where to drop their lines, who is going to watch the lines, who’ll reel fish in, who’ll take the fish off the hook, etc. Fishing involves teachable moments, cooperation, “down time” and “action,” as well as the… Read more »

The Life Lessons You Can Learn From Hunting


Meadow Brook Game Farm has been around since the 1950s, which means many, many people have enjoyed shooting here over the years– even famous people like music stars and pro ball players. Located one north hour of Nashville, Meadow Brook Game Farm is known both far and wide as the place to come hunt pheasant,… Read more »