Things to keep in Mind When Cooking Wild Game

Cooking PheasantCooking Pheasant

People come from all over to hunt pheasant at Meadow Brook Game Farm. Located west of Knoxville and directly north of Nashville, the farm is packed with game birds.

If and when you get a pheasant at Meadow Brook Game Farm and you want to cook it, here are some handy tips…

Tips for Cooking Pheasant

Take a recipe that usually calls for pork, turkey or chicken and replace that meat with pheasant.

Because pheasants are low in fat, when you roast one you’ll want to roast it at a low temperature– say 250 degrees up to 325 degrees, keeping it covered and with moisture. You don’t want it to dry out.

When cooking pheasant, the internal temperature should end up reaching about 165 degrees. Then you cover it and set it aside, allowing carry over to finish the process to about 180 degrees. Do this if you want it moist!

Just like with other meats, you should let pheasant “rest” after cooking, which will help allow the juices to settle in the meat.

If you’re going to add marinades or brines, do so prior to cooking. If you’re thinking of adding a gourmet sauce for flavoring, cranberry chutney works well.

What does pheasant taste good with? How about sides like mashed potatoes, corn on the cob or broccoli with cheese?

Did you know pheasant is versatile? It can be roasted, braised, barbecued and/or cooked in a crock pot. When cooking/grilling breast meat, you should sear the ‘open’ side quickly. Then you flip the skin side down to finish. You can utilize pheasant breast meat strips in salads, on kabobs or with stir-fry dishes.

Do you want to hunt for pheasant so you can have some to cook? Meadow Brook Game Farm will want to know your name, phone number, number of hunters, and other details. Note: you do NOT need a hunting license. Meadow Brook furnishes the dogs, guide and plenty of birds… so you will get one (or more!) Oh, and do you want Meadow Brook to clean the birds for you? Why not connect with Meadow Brook Game Farm today and ask us your questions? Please call 615-888-2411.

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