A Few Suggestions on How You Can Become a Better Pheasant Hunter

Pheasant Hunting
Bird Game Hunting

One of the many things this pandemic has taught us is that it’s essential we do the things love when we’re blessed enough to have our health. What’s more, after being cooped for what felt like months on end, it’s essential we get the fresh air and sun we need, and enjoy the outdoor activities we cherish.

For many of us, there is nothing better than hunting. A day spent outside in nature, taking our best shots at game is a dream scenario, especially when it’s pheasant hunting. If you love to hunt pheasant but want to keep getting better at it, keep these tips in mind the next time you go on a guided pheasant hunt.

  • Pheasants are creatures of habit. They follow the same routine day in and day out. Know their routine, and you will put yourself in position to have big time success.
  • If you’re hunting early in the morning, check out the roadsides where pheasants are known to look for grit.
  • After, be ready to see them in the grain fields as they look for food!
  • Once they’re fed, they’re headed for a place to “relax and chill” and let their food settle. This is usually fields, wetlands or standing corn fields.
  • You may want to split up your group and dogs to cover more ground and not alert the pheasants.
  • But remember, research their routine and you will have a chance for a major score!

Of course, your best chance at a big score is going with an experienced guide who knows exactly where to take you. In the Westmoreland, TN area, there is no better option than Meadow Brook Game Farm. To schedule a guided pheasant hunt, contact us today.

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