The Health Benefits of Getting Fresh Air

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Fresh Air You’ve probably heard people say that fresh air is good for you. However, do you know why it’s so good for you? As it turns out, there are many benefits that come along with getting fresh air on a regular basis. Take a look at a few of them below.

It can give your immune system a boost.

When you’re cooped up inside of a home or office all day long, your body will be subjected to all kinds of germs. This will force your immune system to fight them off. However, when you go outside and get fresh air, your body will actually produce cells that are designed to boost your immune system and help it fight off diseases.

It can reduce stress.

Studies have shown that by smelling certain scents that exist out in nature, you can bust through stress. For example, the scent of pine cones and pine trees has been proven to reduce any stress you might be feeling. It can also help you to relax. Additionally, evidence shows the smell of something as simple as freshly-cut grass can make you a happier person by scaling back your stress levels dramatically.

It can provide you with energy.

When you are tired, you might reach for an energy drink or a cup of coffee. But you would probably be better off going for a walk. Studies have shown that fresh air typically results in a boost in energy for most people. It’s why you likely feel more energetic after getting back home from a walk or run in nature.

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