How to Become a Better Quail Hunter

Father Son quail hunting in Tennessee
Father Son quail hunting in Tennessee

About an hour’s drive out of Nashville there’s the Meadow Brook Game Farm in Tennessee. People come from near and far to hunt quail at Meadow Brook. What are some tips to become a better quail hunter?

The Basics

It’s a good idea to know some basics about quail before hunting them. Typically, you’re apt to find quail in small flocks, numbering between 8 to 25 or so. These small flocks are known as “coveys.” Quail do fly, and they can reach speeds up to 40 mph, so they’re fast. If and when you, as a hunter, startle them, they’re likely to take flight in what’s known as a “flushing.” Interestingly, quail aren’t long-range fliers– they usually live their whole lives within a small radius of about 40 acres– and they typically live 2 to 3 years.

Veteran Advice

As for becoming a better quail hunter, it’s best if you know their routines. For instance, they’re likely going to fly out of grass fields about 2 hours after sunrise. You can also look for fresh tracks in the soil/dirt to see if there are any quail in the area. Ideally, you should have a good hunting dog with you– or bring several, if you can, since dogs are great at finding them!

The best season for hunting quail is “late season,” because that’s when other hunters believe all the good hunting has already been done– but the truth is there are still plenty of birds out there.

When hunting quail, use a shotgun. The ideal gun has a 410 to 412 gauge. You’ll want to walk into the wind if you can, since this gives the quail a lesser chance of hearing you approach (and it’s easier for dogs to pick up their scent this way). Remember this: quail listen for danger. They will hear you if you’re too noisy, and then make a quick escape.

These are just some things to think about if you’re an aspiring or current quail hunter. Want more tips? Arrange a quail hunting trip at Meadow Brook Game Farm in Westmoreland, Tennessee. Call 615-888-2411 for more info.

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