A new game bird to the list of legal targets in Tennessee?

The Tennessee Fish and Wildlife Resources Committee recently met in June 2013 to discuss a few items that may prove to be a huge benefit to waterfowl hunters within the state. These include a new start to the late waterfowl hunting season and the addition of a new game bird to the list of legal targets.

The TFWC is currently looking into the time frame available to hunters for the late waterfowl season. These late hunting seasons exist to take advantage of high waterfowl numbers and colder temperatures, both of which result in ducks and geese working harder to find food. The more they have to look, the better the chances are of spotting a waterfowl in the open. Currently, the TWFC is taking public comments for the possible new start of the late waterfowl season, which will be announced in August.

Tennessee is also deciding whether or not to make sandhill crane hunting legal in the state. The sandhill crane is a large crane species primarily found in North America, usually mistaken for great blue herons by untrained eyes. The sandhill crane population within the state of Tennessee has increased by at least double since 1996, to approximately 87,000 cranes that currently travel through the state’s eastern flyway, according to a Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency representative.

Neighboring Kentucky has had a sandhill crane hunt since 2011, which has worked fairly successfully without endangering other species. If sandhill crane hunting is made legal in Tennessee, it will be a boost to the state economy, bringing more hunters into the fray. What do you think?

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Source: https://news.tn.gov/node/10958

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