Albino Deer in the Tennessee Wilderness

With 2014 upon us, it’s time to make resolutions that we all hope will lead to better futures for ourselves. One resolution that most sportsmen should consider is becoming a smarter hunter. Staying on the right side of the law can help you keep fines and sentencing at bay, and it’s especially important when doing your hunting in another state.

Tennesseans have a proud tradition of hunting wild versions of many animals, including deer. The state is home to an incredibly large population of deer, and since 2001, it has had certain measures in place to make sure that hunters don’t kill off a small population of incredibly rare deer.

By some accounts, an albino deer only occurs once every 20,000 to 100,000 deer, according to this article printed by The Tennessean. Although these estimates seem to fluctuate wildly, that would mean that anywhere between 7 and 35 albino deer currently reside within the state. Sightings of albino deer are reported rather frequently for the small number that likely exist.

Tennessee is also one of six states in America that forbids the hunting of albino deer within its borders, along with Iowa, Michigan, Illinois, Minnesota and Wisconsin. The white fur of the albino deer makes the animal much more visible to predators, keeping the deck stacked against these creatures. This law is also meant to prevent trophy hunters from seeking out these animals for their unnatural pelts, which could quickly decimate the small population.

Hunters who have tracked game across the Tennessee wilderness for years are well aware of these rules, but most of the issues stem from out-of-state hunters who aren’t familiar with local regulations. The albino deer rule is an especially tricky one, as our state is one of a small group to enforce this law. Anyone caught killing an albino deer can be charged with a Class A misdemeanor.

Above all, Meadow Brook Game Farm wants to make sure that our guests are enjoying themselves legally. When you want an exceptional game bird hunting experience on 1,200 acres of shooting preserve, come visit us just one hour north of Nashville, TN.

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