An Increase in the Daily Bag Limits for Game Birds

Anytime a hunter grabs his rifle and heads into the great outdoors, he or she wants to be able to take home as large of a catch as they can. The imposition of daily bag limits can be a pain, although these rules help to support healthy populations of wild birds. Here at Meadow Brook Game Farm, however, we’re happy to hear that the state of Tennessee may decide to increase bag limits for game bird hunters.

As this article published by discusses, the Tennessee Fish and Wildlife Commission will be coming together shortly to debate an increase in the daily bag limits for game birds captured by hunters within the state. Proposals to increase these limits have come from a number of organizations with environmental or conservation interests, including the Mississippi Flyway Council and the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency.

In essence, the proposal looks as though it will only affect the numbers of teal that game bird hunters can add to their daily bag limit. The organizations listed above have petitioned the state’s Fish and Wildlife Commission to increase the combined early season wood duck and teal bag limit from four birds to six birds. However, hunters would only be able to capture a maximum of two wood ducks. Also being contemplated is the addition of teal-only hunting days onto the early season hunt period.

On August 1, state hunters can travel to Nashville, Crossville, Morristown or Jackson to submit their comments on the proposed increases at the wildlife commission’s offices in those cities. Those interested in having their viewpoints heard should try to attend the public comments sessions scheduled for 11 AM at those offices on that day.

We’re proud to offer a wide array of game bird hunting experiences here at the Meadow Brook Game Farm. With such a strong tradition of game bird hunting alive within Tennessee, we think this is the perfect state to visit when you want to try a completely new kind of outdoor expedition. Call us today to schedule a visit to our 1,200-acre shooting preserve in Westmoreland, TN.

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