Best Dog to Hunt With

Hunting is best played as a team game with two members: man and his best friend. If you’re new to bird hunting or if you’re just looking for a new dog to come out with you, never fear! While just about any breed can be trained to do really well in the field, there are a few breeds that are just better suited off the bat. Here are our top five picks for types of hunting dogs.

First has to be the Labrador Retriever. It’s called a ‘retriever’ for a reason. These animals will go to nearly any lengths to grab your game. They also have a thick coat great for long days outdoors. Just make sure that your dog is trained well enough that he doesn’t eat the game before it gets back to you!

Next on our list is the American Foxhound. Again, as the name implies, these dogs were initially bred to hunt foxes but they’ll chase after virtually anything you send them after.
The third spot goes to the Pointer. It’s got a rather thin coat, so long days outside in the north can be difficult, but down south it’s a great hunting dog. It’s long legs allow it to chase game across sweeping fields and they’re pretty easy to train.

Golden Retrievers have become synonymous with family dogs. They’re fantastic with kids, but like the Labrador Retriever, they are really made to be out hunting with Mom and/or Dad. Goldens are really the way to go if you want a hunting dog that doubles as a part of the family.

Rounding out our list at number 5 is the Weimaraner. It’s the ultimate bird hunting dog are both fast and patient, making them a great choice for quieter, sneaky hunts.
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