Best Hunting Dog Breeds in Tennessee

When it comes to bird hunts, we need the right equipment, the right environment, the right weather conditions and the right guide. However, we also need the right companion. With the help of, we’ve put together a list of our top 10 picks for hunting dog breeds. It’s not just about the breed, a great dog is a great dog, but these species tend to flourish in the field.

Brittanys are biddable, loyal and affectionate and navigate both fields and forests with ease. German Wirehaired Pointers are loyal and hard working and have a tendency to prey dive with a ferocity that is nearly on par with Labradors.

Vizslas are great family pets, but also have been rated by the AKC as “possessing an above-average ability to take training.” That’s a great quality in the field.

Deutsch Drahthaar are notorious for protecting their family, but they are also expected to retrieve fallen game by land or by sea. Chesapeake Bay Retrievers are powerful enough to run amuck in any weather conditions.

English Springer Spaniels is an exciting, rapid-fire affair as there is little to no pointing required. It’s a natural instinct for English Springer Spaniels to push birds into shooting range.

Golden Retrievers are incredible home pets, because they’re just so trainable. However, this also makes them elite hunting companions. Labrador Retrievers are ideal goose and duck hunters – they live for game in the water.

Pointers and English Setters were actually built for the sport. Pointers were created in the 1600s to point for Greyhounds to chase foxes and hares. English Setters are actually named after their tendency to “set” or locate game for hunters to net.

After you’ve picked out your companion, come by Meadowbrook Game Farm. We’re ready to go on a hunt!

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