Bird Hunting for Turkey Day

With Thanksgiving upon us, the focus for most families will be a bird at the table, but what about going to the bird, rather than bringing it to you? Thanksgiving, beyond anything, is a time for family. Everyone gets together to enjoy some meals and watch grandma get drunk again. But why make it a time of relaxing on the couch with stuffed tummies when you can go out there and hunt your turkey down and turn it into an entire weekend extravaganza instead.

Most people for Thanksgiving already have the days off from work, sometimes from Wednesday onward, so there’s no reason to set Thanksgiving to just one day when you can make it something for the whole family. Invite everyone out to go hunting on Thanksgiving, then bring it home and have a meal prepared for Friday.

If you need any further reason to set up a hunting day with the family, then look no further than at what the Turkey is to America. It is an American bird completely, only found in the western hemisphere and has been killed since the days of colonial times. They are also quite interesting to hunt, as they are not the dumb animals they are so often made out to be in television.

These creatures are rather elusive and sometimes difficult to hunt properly without a canine. This makes them a great sport for the competitive people in your family, while the ones that don’t care so much can just take a walk through the woods and pretend like they are contributing to try and find a bird.

No matter what you do for Thanksgiving though, remember that you should enjoy it with family, and have a good time.

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