Chukar Hunting Tips

When you visit Meadow Brook Game Farm, you will have the opportunity to hunt a variety of game, including Chukars. These birds are a little over a foot long, typically weight three quarters of a pound, and have quite a unique look. They have red legs, blue or grey backs, and striped wings. If you would like to catch your very own Chukar, we’re here to provide you with a few hunting tips to give you a head start.

Something that all hunters should be aware of is the Chukar’s tendency to move to flat ground when they want to feed. You will typically find them on the edge of fields, picking at the ground. On the other hand, they enjoy resting high in rocky outcroppings and slopes, typically in shaded areas. You may even find them near water holes in the middle of the day.

No matter where you spot a Chukar, you should be careful any time you approach one. If possible, you should move in from above, because they often fly uphill, meaning they will be heading in your direction rather than away. If you approach them from below, you will have little luck chasing them up the side of a mountain.

Finally, having a dog with you to help you hunt is important, but not necessary for Chukars. You can still flush them out of hiding by walking quickly through their territory, and periodically stop near cover to see if any birds will fly out.

Follow these simple tips and you will be well on your way towards nabbing your first Chukar. For more hunting tips, keep checking back with the team at Meadow Brook Game Farm!

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