Considerations When Planning a Pheasant Hunt in Tennessee

Pheasant Hunting


Pheasant Hunting

In Tennessee, about an hour north of Nashville, you’ll find the Meadow Brook Game Farm in Westmoreland. As a 1200-acre shooting preserve in operation since the 1950s, generations of hunters have come here to hunt pheasant, quail and more. If you’re itching to hunt, call 615-888-2411 to learn more about Meadow Brook Game Farm.

Man’s Best Friend

Considering a pheasant hunt? These birds like to live on the ground in heavy cover. Therefore, it’s good to have hunting dogs with you to help find them. 

Pick the Right Temperatures

When’s the best time of the year for pheasant hunting? It’s probably mid-fall through early winter. Temperature-wise, the first cold spell of the season is a good time to hunt birds. Cold weather also helps dogs as they can smell for longer distances when it’s cold outside. 

Are you going to see a lot of birds on hot and sunny days? Maybe yes, maybe no… Ideally, though, the rougher the weather, the better chance you’ll encounter pheasants. On warm days look for them near water sources. Otherwise, try and hunt them on colder, windy, rainy days. If there’s mud and snow on the ground, look for their tracks. 

Other Variables

Did you know birds are sensitive to changes in air pressure? Pheasants will take shelter if there’s a large drop in air pressure. They also are thought to “fly better” on days of low pressure.

If you’re hunting on a windy day, consider that a good thing. You see, wind covers the sound of your tracks and helps hide your location from the birds. Use this in your favor! 

How about the best time of the day to hunt birds? While most hunters like dawn or dusk, with pheasants you might be able to catch some around lunchtime. 

There’s a lot to learn when it comes to hunting pheasants, and that’s part of the fun challenge of it all. Meadow Brook Game Farm offers pheasant hunts; Check out this page, here.

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