How to Find More Pheasants

Going pheasant hunting can be a very enjoyable experience, no matter how many birds you end up spot. However, even the best pheasant hunters can become frustrated if they go awhile without hitting a target, let alone seeing a bird at all. If you are having trouble locating pheasants or hunting them, follow our simple guide below.

First and foremost, never go pheasant hunting without a great bird dog. While it can be possible to catch a pheasant without one, it will make your day that much less stressful. Not only will a dog help you find pheasants before you even notice them, but they can help you locate a bird after you’ve shot it.

Next, you need to pick the right spots to hunt pheasants. While these guidelines can change depending on the season and weather conditions, these birds tend to stay near water. This is especially true during the beginning of the season when the climate is very dry.

Having a good hunting companion and choosing the right location is very important, but so is the type of gun you bring along. There is no perfect gun that is widely agreed upon to be best for pheasant hunting, but most people prefer either a 16 or 20-guage shotgun. Even using a 12-guage is not unheard of.

Finally, choose the best time to hunt in order to maximize your pheasant sightings. This will typically be in either the early morning or in the evening. You won’t find as many birds in the middle of the day. Of course, there are countless other factors to take into account when pheasant hunting, but these are just a few suggestions to help you get started!

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