Hunting Season Opening for Wildlife Refuges

At the end of August in Tennessee, the National Wildlife refuges are offering hunting opportunities with this hunting season. Although not too rare, we have been seeing more and more refuge hunting in the past few years than we have ever seen in the past all across the United States. These two refuges in particular cover over 60,000 acres of Tennessee land, covering multiple rivers in the area, and providing deer, turkey, squirrel, raccoon, and even geese for hunting.

The Tennessee National Refuge consists of three main units of area for hunting, all along the Tennessee River. While the Cross Creeks National Refuge runs along the Cumberland River on both sides. Both of these refuges follow the normal codes, hunting seasons, and regulations given by the State of Tennessee, however they often close much sooner than other areas to handle the migrating waterfowl, especially Canadian Geese.

Most interesting of all though is that both refuges offer a youth hunt program, which requires someone under the age of 16 and an accompanying adult. The youth hunts are open to use of archery, muzzle loading and gun hunts, however they only focus on deer and will be offered only on October 4th and 5th.

A number of other programs are offered in these refuges, including some primitive weapon hunting, archery only hunting, and a few quota hunts focused around deer. They also give the okay for Coyote and Beaver hunting, but any other animals than the ones listed are generally prohibited for this season.

It does seem like Tennessee will definitely be one of the better places to try your hand at hunting for this entire hunting season, especially when the spring waterfowl hunting occurs, as they are sure to have even more programs than these by then.


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