Learning to Fish? Get Started on Land

There is nothing more relaxing than fishing. Spending a peaceful day on the shore or lake, you can revel in the great outdoors while participating in a sport that takes patience, luck and skill all at once.

Learning to FishFor fishermen who are just starting out, it can be good to practice on land at home before you take your skills to the water. Getting time to go through the motions of casting and reeling on land gives you a chance to relax and gain confidence in your abilities, allowing you to enjoy the other parts of fishing that make it so wonderful.

When practicing at home, make your environment as real as possible. We’re not saying flood your basement, but at least use the same equipment you plan to fish with. That includes hooks, a fishing rod and reel, fishing line, bait and bobber. Learn how to properly put bait on the hook and how to properly load your rod for fishing.

While this procedure will become routine with time, it’s a good thing for beginners to practice before heading out for real. To start, Take Me Fishing suggests set up targets throughout your yard and spend some time casting your line so that your hook lands accurately. This will help you get your casts to the exact spots you want them and ensure that you’re comfortable with judging distances and the energy to put into your throws.

If you plan to use different rods and reels, you should also spend time with each so that you can get a good feel for how each casts. Different reels and fishing pole lengths will cast differently, so if you’ll be using different options, you should practice with each.

Fly casting is another common fishing practice, and while it’s not necessarily hard to learn, it takes practice to get comfortable with. Practice each type of fly cast – roll casts for confines spaces or reach casts for floating bait. Using a hula hoop to serve as a target area is perfect, as it gives you a small area to shoot while honing your casts.

Last, know your knots. Any good angler knows how to tie their weights, bobbers and lures practically with their eyes closed, and the more practiced and confident you are, the less struggles you’ll have on the water. Plus, poorly tied knots can lead to lost bait or equipment – not to mention the fish that probably got away!

When you feel you’ve got it down, then it’s time to fish! Join us this year for some fishing at Meadow Brook Game Farm where beginners and experts – and everyone in between – can have an enjoyable fishing experience. Our lake is stocked weekly, meaning that you’ll always have a chance to catch fantastic catfish, bass, crappie and more. To book a trip, call us today at 615-888-2411.

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