Quail Forever Has Gained a New Chapter

Big things are happening in the Tennessee quail hunting world. Quail Forever, a national group dedicated to the protection and maintenance of wildlife habitats, has gained a new chapter. The formation of the Upper Cumberland Chapter of Quail Forever brings Tennessee’s total number of chapters up to ten.

Tennessee’s ten chapters already have 1,122 members statewide and have spent over $100,000 on 341 habitat projects in order to protect bobwhite environments for future generations of Tennesseans to enjoy. These projects have affected over 2,000 acres of hunting grounds throughout the state.

Clinton Kennedy, elected president of the new chapter, has stated that the chapter’s goal will be to promote the traditional Tennessee pastime of bobwhite hunting by preserving environments. The formation of the Upper Cumberland Chapter is a huge step in the turn for preserving bobwhites in Tennessee. With the Tennessee Northern Bobwhite Quail Restoration Plan having just been enacted by the state government and the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency (TWRA), another faction on their side certainly can’t hurt.

The new chapter will be working on public lands and private lands, as well as with areas that are already classified as Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs). A mix of volunteers and paid agents will be heading the efforts.

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Source: http://www.ammoland.com/2015/01/upper-cumberland-chapter-of-quail-forever-forms-to-revive-state-bird-in-tennessee/#axzz3OLooAsQV

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