Reasons to Take Your Child Hunting

Teaching Kids How to Hunt

Teaching Kids How to Hunt In the world we’re living in today, what if all the power went off for weeks or months at a time? If there weren’t generators available, people would be “on their own” for getting food, water and other necessities. Therefore, it would make sense to know a hunter. Better yet, it makes sense to learn some hunting skills yourself as well as to take your child hunting so they, too, can know a bit about what to do should the need arise to hunt for food.

Now even if the power doesn’t go out for an extended period of time and grocery stores are still full of meats and more, it’s still a good idea to take a child hunting.

Hunters don’t have huge grocery bills. As food prices go up, hunters are able to go out and shoot food they can use to feed their families. Furthermore, parents can teach kids hunting skills so they can help get much needed meat for the family to eat. Hunting involves gun skills and other things that help instill confidence in young people. Hunting is also a good way to bond together as a family– fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, uncles and nephews, etc. Spending time together in “the great outdoors” is a chance to get away from technology for a while– no smartphones, iPads, or video game systems needed. It’s good to get back to real life, right?

Next, hunting helps children get a feel for nature in a way that instills respect for the land. They learn how to navigate different terrain, from woods to fields and then some. Hunting helps give a child a well-rounded education. Much like learning math and history and science are important to the overall well-being of a young person, so is hunting, which affords them a chance to better appreciate nature. Imagine if all young people had hunting as a required subject in schools? Our society would be a better place because of that.

Meadow Brook Game Farm is a great place to hunt game like pheasants and quail. Located north of Nashville, parents can bring their children ages 12 and over along with them to experience the thrill of the hunt. Please call 615-888-2411 for details.


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