Robotic Duck Decoys in Arkansas

There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind, those who pay attention to the news, that we are becoming an increasingly robotic society. While it’s not as epic or terrifying as those we see in movies like Terminator or any other sci-fi epic that has us shaking in our human boots worried about the robot apocalypse, there is still a risk from “robotic” things, even when you hunt. Of course, we’re talking about robotic duck decoys, which has been causing quite a stir in the state so much so that the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission has had to step in and deal with the situation, as discussed on their website.

They report, “In an effort to improve waterfowl hunting on public areas, the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission has banned the use of simulated wing-movement decoys on two of the state’s wildlife management areas during waterfowl season. The two WMAs are Bayou Meto and Dave Donaldson Black River. The ban becomes effective immediately. Some hunters say they cannot understand why the ban on the motorized duck decoys went through, where others say it’s really not that big of a deal.”

There is a divide between those who feel motorized duck decoys are fine and those who don’t. While the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission took action before the debate really had chance to heat up, at Meadow Brook Game Farm, we are certain that the issue has not gone away. What’s your take on robotic duck decoys? Let us know in the comments below.

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