Tennessee Hunting and Smartphones

You’ve heard the saying by now that, for any job, “there’s an app for that.” Many hunters, however, haven’t exactly taken to smartphone technology out in the field because of a lack of pertinent software programs that can help them.

Here in Tennessee, the state’s Wildlife Resources Agency is hoping that they can bring hunters into the 21st century by developing an application for electronic devices that is chockfull of all the information these individuals may find useful. In late November, the TWRA announced that it would soon be releasing this app both for Apple iPhone users as well as in the Google Play store for Android device owners.

This software program will put users in touch with a wealth of information released directly from the TWRA. The mobile news feed provides up-to-the-minute news and other important info, including sunrise and sunset times as well as the latest fishing reports.

A quick couple of finger swipes and clicks and a user can access a great variety of outdoorsmen guides available through the TWRA, including those for fishing, boating, hunting/trapping and waterfowl. Local wildlife viewing and hunting areas are easily found on a digital map provided by this application.

This program also provides a number of tools that can help a hunter reflect on his or her recent excursions and find a way to improve. A hunter’s diary and harvest log can help a hunter store his thoughts about a specific hunting spot and easily look back on how much game was caught in an area. Hunters who can’t get to an official TWRA office can also purchase a license or renew a boat registration directly through the software program. Hunters even have the opportunity to view game and fish recipes compiled by the TWRA.

Technology used to focus on making the weapons used by hunters to be more efficient. Meadow Brook Game Farms is happy to see emerging technologies that are aimed at making the entire hunting experience much more convenient than before. To find out more about this official TWRA app, visit the official press release here.

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