Tennessee Wounded Warriors

Many outdoorsmen are familiar with the relaxing experience they can enjoy by spending hours hunting game birds out on the range. At Meadow Brook Game Farm, we offer a great experience for hunters seeking pheasant, quail and chukar. One thing we notice is that many military veterans enjoy the experience of a calm day out on the range, especially when they happen to make a great catch.

Across the country, many are finding that veterans living with disability use game hunting to find a quiet place to access within themselves. It’s encouraging to see stories of so many organizations who are trying to use this form of recreation as a healthy outlet for many of the emotional and physical needs of the men and women who’ve served us.

La Vergne, TN, is home to a Youth Inc. camp, a non-profit organization which has served needy children since 1945. Recently, about 60 Home Depot employees from Middle Tennessee went to the camp and refurbished it over the course of one week. The wheelchair-accessible ramps and camouflaged deer blinds will make the land available to a Wounded Warriors program during the winter months.

When the camp isn’t in use by children during the winter, the Wounded Warriors program plans to come in and bring disabled veterans of war for hunting weekends on the campgrounds. Home Depot also funded painting, repairs and other refurbishments to the camping areas that will improve the usefulness of these facilities for everyone.

Programs like Wounded Warriors are so important for the health of our military veterans. Many people come home from active battlegrounds overseas and find it very difficult to jump back into civilian life. This is only made harder when a serviceman sustains an injury or major wound that can seriously impair his or her livelihood.

You’ll be surprised just how many returning veterans take to hunting as a way of living with their unexpected experiences in the military. Meadow Brook Game Farm wants to take the time to salute all of our veterans and welcome them to our 1,200-acre shooting preserve, located just an hour north of Nashville, TN.

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