The Health Benefits of Eating Fresh Quail Meat

baked quail with lemon and parsley
baked quail with lemon and parsley

“What’s for dinner, honey?”



“Sounds interesting.”

“Yeah, something different.”


Quail meat and eggs aren’t on most people’s dinner menus, but, that said, if and when you get the chance, you should try quail. It has numerous health benefits. Quail meat, for instance, is highly nutritious, giving you protein, calcium, iron and zinc. Quail eggs are high in protein and choline– good for your brain! As for vitamins, when you eat quail you get vitamins B, D, A, and K. 4

System Boosters

So what are the health benefits of eating quail meat? This delicacy is good for your vision (eyes), skin, bones, and your body’s tissues. Quail helps boost your immune system. It’s good for your heart health. And it can solve respiratory & digestive system troubles.

Quail helps give people energy as well.

World Cuisine

In the old days, quail was very popular in French cooking. Today, quail for the table are now more likely to be domesticated Japanese quail. That said, quail is a part of Polish cuisine, as well as Portuguese, Italian, Mexican and Indian cuisine. Did you know that quail are commonly eaten complete with the bones? They’re easily chewed and since the birds are so small, it’s not too easy to remove the little bones.

Quail Vs Chicken

Compared to eating chicken, eating quail is better for you because quail meat is higher in vitamin C and iron. Quail gives you vitamin A whereas chicken does not. And quail also gives you more minerals and amino acids than chicken meat. 

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