The Missouri River Shootout

Game bird hunting is a proud American tradition steeped in generations of hunters who have lighted out to the frontier to bring home quail, pheasant or turkey for dinner. Across the country there are hundreds of events and competitions dedicated to showing off the skills of those who can track and capture game birds in the wild.

This article published by discusses the upcoming Missouri River Shootout in Tekamah, NE, which will be attended by dozens of hunters, especially youth hunters, and offer up prizes reaching up to $5,000 to teams which win shooting competitions. The event is hosted by the (NWTF) and will take place at Tekamah’s Pheasant Bonanza Hunt Club & Kennel.

For the adult registration fee of $95, or the youth fee of $50, registrants receive a lunch, 100 clay targets and access to classes for a variety of hunter levels, from Master down to E level. Endowment funds are available to youth shooting teams who want to attend the event, but they must find an affiliation with a school or youth shooting organization to qualify for those funds.

The funds raised from events such as this are used by NWTF and similar organizations to support youth education in shooting and hunting. Youth teams can build on their endowment funds in order to purchase firearms, ammunition, uniforms and even pay for travel fees to and from competitions. In this way, youth teams are provided with a self-sustaining channel that allows them to pay for their hunting experiences.

Supporting the education of younger hunters who want to learn about this traditional pastime will help game bird hunting thrive for future generations to come. Hunting may no longer be a party of daily life in the United States, but it is a skill that can still help people who find themselves on the frontier of the wilderness. When you want to practice your skills in acres of rural wilderness found in Tennessee, Meadow Brook Game Farm will offer you a quail and pheasant hunting experience like none other.

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