The Sandhill Cranes of Tennessee Surging in Popularity?

Andrew Zimmern, purveyor of all foods strange and taboo, is delving into somewhat more familiar territory on an upcoming episode of his Travel Channel series, “Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern.” The focus of the episode will be on the Sandhill Crane, a beloved migratory game bird native to North America. Zimmern, an avid hunter, was lucky enough to bag one of these impressive waterfowl on a recent expedition to their winter refuge in Southern Tennessee. The Travel Channel host raves about the Sandhill Crane, calling it “the most delicious meat he has ever tasted,” according to local Tennessee publication The Lebanon Democrat.

While no doubt delectable, the coveted crane might strike some viewers as a pretty tame menu item when compared with the usual content of Zimmern’s show. In fact, there are many descriptors you might apply to the Sandhill Crane – majestic, curious, leggy – but bizarre doesn’t register high on the list. And so we are left to wonder if our beloved Uncle Zimmern has lost his taste for the unabashedly weird.

Has the sweet yet tangy bouquet of Peruvian Mountain Goat testicles ceased to stimulate his salivary glands? Has the subtle savory quality of cobra bile and blood lost its unique charm? Probably not.

If anything, this diversion from Zimmern’s usual food palate speaks especially highly of the Sandhill Crane’s exceptional culinary potential. The crane, which is a staple of the winter hunt in Tennessee, will no doubt make for a singularly entertaining, if only somewhat less bizarre than usual episode.

Stay tuned to see how Mr. Zimmern prepares the bow legged beauty for the dinner table. Perhaps in a cobra bile marinade for the fans.

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