Weather, Time and Temp: How Conditions Affect the Hunt

Chukar at Morning

Quail hunting may sometimes feel like a game of chance, but there are still things that you can do to improve your odds. Studies have shown that quail actually have predictable patterns of activity that are influenced by factors like weather conditions, temperatures and even time of day. Keeping these considerations in mind during your next hunt may give you a better chance of getting your sights on a quail.

Chukar at MorningTime

Scientific field studies have shown that there are certain times each day when quail are most active. While this may not be a surprise to experienced hunters, it may still be helpful to consider this field research when planning for a hunt.

According to the findings of the Albany Quail Project at Auburn University, quail tend to be most active during the early morning hours. As the morning progresses, their activity level tends to drop off and they begin to roost. The birds again resume activity during the afternoon, with a near-peak level of activity in the late afternoon and early evening as the birds prepare for the overnight rest period.


Weather also plays an important role in quail activity, according to scientists. Quail coveys tend to be the most active when the wind is light and the humidity level is high. Conversely, weather that is less humid, days with rainy conditions, or days when the wind is blowing from the east tend to encourage the covey to roost.

Quail also seem to pick up on climate changes a day before the actual change in the weather. It appears that the birds are able to sense the impending weather change and adjust their activity accordingly. Keep an eye on the weather predictions – both for the day of a hunt and the day after – to try and forecast your success in the field.


Field studies also show that temperature may play a role in quail activity. Coveys tend to be most active when the weather is cooler. During warmer weather, coveys tend to roost more. This often overlaps with both time and weather, too. Mornings and late afternoons generally feature cooler temperatures, and are the more active times for quail.

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