What Should You Wear When Pheasant Hunting?

pheasant hunter dressed warmly walking with dog in field
pheasant hunter dressed warmly walking with dog in field

Are you getting ready to go pheasant hunting at Meadow Brook Game Farm in Tennessee? What should pheasant hunters wear?

Right Kind of Vest

Ideally, when hunting pheasant(s), wear a vest with a built-in shell holder. Keep your shells in the vest pocket, which keeps them from getting crushed or wet (from the elements).

Freedom of Movement

You might want to also consider wearing overalls/coveralls that help keep you concealed while still giving you freedom of movement. Oftentimes, most hunters will wear long sleeved shirts under their vest or jacket or coveralls. Keep in mind that brush can irritate the skin, right? So it behooves hunters to wear not only long sleeved shirts but also chaps or brush pants to protect against briars and heavy cover “issues.” Consider pants with a long cuff so mud can’t easily travel up your leg. With pheasant hunting, expect to be on your feet most of the time, typically moving through heavy cover.

The Right Hunting Hats

What about a hat? Wear a bright orange one, which will help make you visible to fellow hunters so they don’t accidentally shoot you. You will also want to have some hearing protection to protect your eardrums from loud shots. It’s not unusual for pheasant hunters to not only wear bright orange hats, but bright orange vests as well– again, for visibility to other hunters.

Tough Outer Shells

Expect to get your clothing a bit torn up while hunting in the wild– therefore choose clothing with a tough cotton outer shell and an under layer of nylon, for comfort and protection.

Comfortable Shoes

On your feet you’ll want to be wearing waterproof boots with comfortable insoles. Extra padding at the ankles is a bonus.

Rain Gear

Finally, in case it rains, bring some rain gear with you; If you don’t have any, and rain starts to come down in buckets, cut some holes in a trash bag and use that to stay relatively dry.

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