What’s the Best Part of Hunting for Pheasants?

Hunters posing with pheasants they shot
Hunters posing with pheasants they shot

If you’ve been thinking about hunting pheasants, you should know that Meadow Brook Game Farm in Tennessee is a great place to do so. With 1,200 acres, this shooting preserve is known throughout the USA, with hunters coming from as far away as California to bag pheasant, chukar and quail. And best of all… there’s no bag limit! Meadow Brook Game Farm should be on your radar for game bird hunting.

What are the best things about hunting pheasants?


For starters, male pheasants–aka roosters–are a good challenge to find and shoot. They generally get smarter with age, so if they’re shot at, they’re not dumb– they’ll adjust their lives to avoid being shot at, which makes it all the more challenging to find and shoot them. With hunting, you don’t want it to be too easy– you need a good challenge.

Different Environments

Next, pheasants can be found in a variety of habitats so that makes hunting them more interesting. You might find them in dense brush, among cattails or in pastures. Maybe they’re hiding in the weeds along a cropland edge. Rather than always being in one place in one kind of habitat, pheasants could be “anywhere” and that makes for fun hunts.

Time With Man’s Best Friend

Do you like dogs? Hunting dogs, whether they’re retrievers, spaniels, pointers or setters, help make a pheasant hunt memorable. It’s fun to see how excited the dog(s) get while hunting. Have they caught a scent to follow? Are they full of energy? Just like being around kids helps adults see things through new eyes, being around hunting dogs helps hunters see their hunts in a new way.

Great Food!

Finally, when you do get some birds, you can eat them and they’re delicious. They’re kind of like chicken, but with a mild and sort-of “spiced” flavor. You don’t have to feel guilty about shooting and killing (and eating) pheasants because hunting has little long term effect on the overall population.

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