An Overview of Quail Hunting

A dog gives a dead quail to a hunter
A dog gives a dead quail to a hunter

If you’re a hunter and you want to hunt quail, you need to come to Meadow Brook Game Farm in rural Westmoreland, Tennessee, which is west of Knoxville and north of Nashville. You can call 615-888-2411 for details!

Fun Quail Facts

How much do you know about quail? Did you know, for example, that quail usually live between two and three years? They’re typically found in small flocks which are known as “coveys.” Expect to find between 8 to 24 birds in your average covey. Meanwhile, if you startle these birds, they’ll explode into a short rapid flight, and this is called “flushing.” Did you know their speed tops out around 40 miles per hour? They’re fast when they want to be. However, quails can’t handle long flights. They’ll normally live their whole life within a 40-acre radius of where they were born. 

Quail Hunting Reminders

Now if you’re going to hunt quail, what are some quail hunting tips? 

If you can, bring a hunting dog along with you, because dogs are great at detecting these birds. In fact, bring a couple dogs to increase your chances of finding a covey or two. 

About two hours after the sun rises, quail usually fly out of grass fields. Look for fresh signs of quail tracks. Did you know quail rely on their hearing to detect danger? You’ve got to be very, very quiet when hunting quail. Walk into the wind if you want to avoid having them hear you approach. Bring your shotgun– one with a 410 to 12 gauge works well for quail hunting. 

Quail hunting is known as a gentleman’s sport. It’s good for both hunters and spectators who often like to come along on the hunt to just enjoy nature as well as watch trained bird dogs do their thing. Though quail may be elusive, eventually they’ll be found. And that challenge is what makes quail hunting rewarding! 

For more information about quail hunting in Tennessee, contact Meadow Brook Game Farm today.

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