Bird Dogs: How Canine Companions Help to Hunt

Dog with pheasant in mouth

Hunters have been relying on dogs to assist with locating and retrieving game for thousands of years. While the use of dogs in some hunting specialties has declined in popularity, hunting with bird dogs remains a popular pastime. In fact, when it comes to bird hunting – whether wetland or upland – good dogs can be indispensable. Let’s take a closer look at some of the ways our canine companions help out on the hunt.

Locate Birds

Bird Dogs and HuntingA hunter without a bird dog companion can easily walk past a covey of game birds and have no idea that the birds are even there. It isn’t that the hunter is not paying attention and looking for the birds; instead, game birds are well adapted to hiding from predators. This means that they are often well camouflaged and incredibly hard to spot until they flush.

Bird dogs change this hunting scenario in a dramatic way. While a hunter may not be able to see the birds on approach, a trained bird dog can readily smell the game even though it remains hidden. Pointer breeds, in particular, excel at locating birds and alerting their human hunting companion to the presence of game.

Flush Birds

A trained and experienced bird dog not only locates birds, but can flush them on command as well. This allows a hunter to be prepared to get the best possible shot. Once a dog points in the direction of game birds, the hunter can take position and send his canine companion ahead to stir the quarry. This means that there’s no need to take a rushed or moving shot, and a hunter can take time to line up and prepare for their shot, allowing for a more effective and productive hunt.

Retrieve Birds

A downed bird may sometimes fall conveniently on dry land in an easily accessible spot, but many times birds will end up in water or other places that are difficult to access. Further, a bird that was only injured or winged may take off running after landing. When you end up in one of these situations, the assistance of a well-trained bird dog makes all the difference. While retriever breeds are most commonly used for this part of a hunt, all bird dogs can be trained to retrieve.

Finding the Best Breeds

Ever wanted to learn more about game dogs and which breeds are the best for different types of hunting? Pheasants Forever has a fantastic guide to bird dog breeds that offers extensive information on 25 different hunting dog species. Check out the article online now.

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