How to Become a Better Bird Game Hunter

Bird Game Hunting

Bird Game HuntingDo you want to improve your sharpshooting skills and become a better game bird hunter in the process? The key is to practice, practice, and then practice some more. The best game bird hunters spend a lot of time shooting their shotguns while practicing under actual hunting conditions. There are some other ways to improve as a game bird hunter, too. Take a look at a few tips below.

Avoid aiming at a game bird when taking a shot at it.

Many beginners make the mistake of trying to take aim at a game bird when hunting it. This is almost impossible to do because of the way that birds move in the air. Instead, you should allow your natural instincts to take over when hunting game birds. Practice by using your index finger to point at targets with both of your eyes open. Follow the targets and use your finger to black them out while yelling “Boom!” to represent the shot you would take. Follow the targets with your eyes until they hit the ground. This will teach you how to track the flight of a game bird with your eyes open to give yourself the best chance to take it down. It’ll also improve your hand-eye coordination dramatically.

Make sure you’re holding your shotgun properly at all times when shooting it.

Many game bird hunters miss shots because of improper gun alignment. To steer clear of having to deal with this particular problem, get into the habit of placing your shotgun on your shoulder at elbow height with your cheek aligned on your gun’s stock. Keep your head down on the stock while pointing your shotgun and firing and don’t lift your head at all when taking a shot. This will prevent you from taking an errant shot at the last second and missing your target.

Adjust your stance while shooting your shotgun for best results.

Standing properly will make it easy for you to align your shotgun. If you’re right-handed, stand with your left foot slightly in front of your right foot with most of your weight leaning on your left foot. The key is maintaining balance so that your stance doesn’t affect the shots that you take.

All in all, game bird hunting is all about reacting to certain situations and capitalizing on them. The more you practice, the quicker your reaction time will be. It’ll increase your chances of having successful hunts. Call Meadow Brook Game Farm at 615-888-2411 today to set up a hunt with us.

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